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Magnetic Tissue DNA Extraction Kit

EmerTher® Magnetic Tissue DNA Extraction Kit is used to extract DNA from tissue samples. 

The Kit contains superparamagnetic nanoparticles and an efficient extraction system. The magnetic beads are coated through a unique process enabling strong binding with nucleic acids and easy elution. 

The experiment procedure is simple and efficient: 

1) after pretreatment, add sample to a lysis-binding solution to enable cell lysis, DNA release and DNA binding to magnetic beads; 

2) apply magnetic force enabling easy wash of the beads with buffers;

3) elute DNA from the beads using an elution solution. 

Purified DNA can be directly used for a variety of downstream applications. 



  • High-throughput: fast extraction of DNA from a variety of tissue samples.

  • Automation: The extraction procedure can be easily automated after sample pretreatment. 

  • Normalization kits are available: can be used to normalize extracted DNA quantity, resulting in consistent DNA concentrations in eluate. 

Tissue DNA bottle-750.jpg
Tissue DNA bottle-750.jpg
tissue DNA 96b-2.png
Tissue DNA 96D-4.jpg

Bottle Format



 "Run"  Interface
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Tissue DNA extraction kit-Emerther_01 Medium.jpeg
Components of the Kits
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Compatible instruments
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