1. Description

EmerTher® Magnetic Circulating Free DNA Extraction Kit is used for extracting circulating free DNA (cfDNA) from biological samples (e.g. plasma) with high efficiency and is an ideal sample preparation kit for Noninvasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) and liquid biopsy.

The experiment procedure is simple and efficient: 1) add sample to a lysis-binding solution to enable cell lysis, cfDNA release and cfDNA binding to magnetic beads; 2) apply magnetic force enabling easy wash of the beads with buffers; 3) elute cfDNA from the beads using an elution solution. 

Purified cfDNA can be directly used for gene sequencing (such as NIPT or liquid biopsy), library construction, and other downstream applications. 


2. Features

High throughput: Fast extraction, complete in < 1 hrFlexible sample volume: excel at extraction of a trace amount of cfDNA from 200 µL-3 mL samples. Sample extraction process is scalable for samples greater than 3 mL.CfDNA peak resides at ~170-200 bp with high purity and high concentrationAutomation: compatible with a variety of automated magnetic bead processors; pre-filled plates are provided if needed.


Magnetic Circulating Free DNA Extraction Kit

    • Completely removal of primers to avoid the interference of primers on sequencing 
    • Completely removal of proteins and dNTPs 
    • High recovery of PCR products (> 100 bp): 75-95%
    • No centrifugation or filtration; therefore, the whole procedure can be easily automated
    • Store at 2-8°C for up to 2 years.