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Magnetic Oral Swab and Saliva DNA Extraction Kit


EmerTher Magnetic Oral Swab and Saliva DNA Extraction Kit is used to extract DNA from oral swab and saliva. 

The kit contains superparamagnetic nanoparticles which are bound to nucleic acids and an efficient extraction system. The magnetic beads are coated through a unique process, enabling strong binding with nucleic acids and easy elution. 

The experimental procedure is simple and efficient: 1) ) add oral swab sample (with pre-treatment) or saliva (no pre-treatment) to a lysis-binding buffer to enable DNA release and DNA binding to magnetic beads in one step; 2) apply magnetic force enabling easy wash of the beads with buffers; 3) elute DNA from the beads using an elution solution. The extraction procedure is fully compatible with automation. 

Purified DNA can be directly used in a variety of downstream experiments, including PCR, gene sequencing, etc. 


  • High-throughput: fast purification, complete the purification process within 40 min

  • Automation: compatible with a variety of automatic magnetic bead processors. Pre-filled 96-well plates with necessary solutions are available

  • High extraction efficiency and high purity: extract 2~11 μg DNA per oral swab, OD260/280 ratios are 1.7-2.0

Orol swab DNA Bottle3.png
Orol swab DNA Bottle3.png
Orol swab DNA 96B-3的副本.png
Orol swab DNA 96D-4的副本.png

Bottle Format



Oral Swab DNA extraction kit-Emerther-2021-yli_02的副本.png
Oral Swab DNA extraction kit-Emerther_01 Medium.jpeg
Components of the Kits
Oral Swab DNA extraction kit-Emerther-2021-yli_03的副本.png
Compatible instruments
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