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EmerTher® Magnetic Total Viral NA Extraction Kit is used to extract both viral DNA and RNA from biological samples, so it has a broader application and can be used in molecular diagnosis of both DNA and RNA viruses.  

The kits are composed of superparamagnetic  nanoparticles and an efficient extraction reagent system. With unique surface modification,  the magnetic beads form strong binding with nucleic acids and also enable easy elution. Extracted nucleic acids can be used directly in the subsequent molecular diagnosis, including RT-PCR tests. 



Extract DNA & RNA of various viruses

COVID-19,Coronavirus,Flu Virus,Norovirus,HIV,HPV,Enterovirus,SARS  Virus,Diarrhea Virus,Swine Fever Virus,HBV,  HCV......


Rapid Extraction: 12-20 min to complete viral RNA extraction process; no need to use proteinase K for RNA extraction

Convenient: ship and store at room temp; shelf time: 2 years

High Extraction Efficiency: extract trace nucleic acids (<10 IU/mL), protect easily degradable RNA, and reduce false negative results

Biosafe: no need for lysis at high temperature, reducing the formation of aerosol and the risk for infection of professional personnel; free of toxic organic reagents such as phenol and chloroform

Reducing Cross-contamination: aerosol reduction can reduce cross-contamination and false positive results

Designed for Automation: Pre-filled plates can be used on Emerther® automatic nucleic acid extraction instruments and are also compatible with most other nucleic acid extraction instruments on the market

Magnetic Total Viral NA (DNA+RNA) Extraction Kit

  • Specification:pre-filled plates (96 preps); bottles (20 and 100 preps)
    Components:magnetic beads, lysis-binding buffer, wash solution I, wash solution II, elution solution.  

  • Transportation and Storage: The kit is transported and stored at room temperature. Shelf time: 2 years.

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