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Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit


  • 40min DNA extraction

  • 10-20min RNA extraction

  • 15min PCR product purification

  • 15min DNA size selection


  • No need for enzymatic digestion 

  • No liquid transfer

  • Perform at room temperature

  • Fully compatible with automation


  • Deactivate bacteria and virus during biological sample collection

  • Storage: room temperature

  • No toxic organic reagents 


Protein Purification Magnetic Beads

Magnetic Separation – Fast response, complete purification process within 30 min, no chromatograph, no centrifugation, maximally preserve protein activity

Excellent Suspension Ability  – Nanometer scale, rapid conversion from solid-phase to solution and vice versa

High Binding Capacity – efficient coupling, higher binding surface area

Low non-specific Binding –hydrophilic microspheres, low non-specific binding

Compatible with automation and LC-MS/MS analyses

Carboxyl Magnetic Beads  blue.jpg

Functionalized Magnetic Beads

  • Solid core with iron oxide clusters

  • fast magnetic response

  • Fast separation

  • Easy disperse

  • Excellent hydrophilicity

  • Large surface area 

5ml Amine magnetic beads.jpg
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