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Founded in 2010, the EmerTher Company ( Formerly named AvanBio Inc.) is an IVD manufacturer specialized in the development and manufacture of nano-scale superparamagnetic beads and related products for biomedical applications.

We provide a number of high-quality, cost-effective products and ready-to-use solutions for biological sample collection, nucleic acid extraction, and protein purification, including:

  • 20+ magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction kits

  • 6 protein purification magnetic beads

  • 6 functionalized magnetic beads

  • 3 automatic nucleic acid extraction instruments

  • 4 manual magnetic separator


With advanced technologies in nano-scale superparamagnetic bead products and in vitro diagnosis, we have helped our customers worldwide to implement automatic nucleic acid and protein extraction/purification procedures in their labs and customized products with high flexibility to meet their special needs.

Glass Buildings
Glass Buildings

Company Values

  • Provide high-quality innovative products to our customers

  • Strive for eco-friendly products by eliminating or minimizing hazardous reagents

  • Promote interdisciplinary research in the biomedical field

  • Seize the future via continued development of advanced technologies and products that meet market needs

  • Focus on in vitro diagnostics


We highly value the advances that result from integration of cross-disciplinary science and technologies and are open to different forms of partnerships. EmerTher works closely with our collaborators to develop new products and applications. We are expanding our portfolio through partnerships with researchers, hospitals, leading biotechnology and in vitro diagnostic companies. In turn, our partners gain numerous benefits, including enhanced research and development capability, increased work efficiency, product differentiation, and faster time-to-market.

For interest and inquiry, please contact us at

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