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PCR Product Purification Solution Bundle Sale.


Esmart-M96s--96 Pin (20mm) Magnetic Bead Separator : 1 unit
Magnetic PCR Product Purification Kit : 10,000 preps



The Esmart-M96s, was designed to simplify the process of transferring superparamagnetic beads between 96-well plates, improving nucleic acid purification and extraction efficiency when automatic extraction is not an option. The Esmart-M96s Separator effectively eliminates the traditional multiple pipetting steps required for washing and eluting biological samples. The separator works by attaching a standard PCR plate over its 96 magnetic rods. The PCR plate serves as a sterile barrier (rod cover) between the magnetic beads and magnetic rods. The strong magnetic force of the Esmart-M96s Separator ensures effective magnetic beads adsorption with no beads loss during the sample extraction/purification process.



【Magnetic PCR Product Purification Kit】

EmerTher Magnetic PCR Product Purification Kit is intended for fast and simple purification of PCR products (> 100 bp). 


DNA fragments from PCR reactions selectively bind to EmerTher’s unique superparamagnetic beads so that PCR by-products, such as primers, dimers, enzymes, unincorporated dNTPs and other contaminants, are removed during washing steps. 


Highly purified DNA is then eluted with low salt elution buffer or water and can be used directly for downstream applications, including sequencing (Sanger and next-generation sequencing), restriction digestion, in vitro transcription, and other subsequent experiments.


• Completely removal of primers to avoid the interference of primers on sequencing 

• Completely removal of proteins and dNTPs 

• High recovery of PCR products (> 100 bp): 75-95%

• No centrifugation or filtration

PCR Product Purification Solution Bundle Sale

$4,970.00 Regular Price
$2,982.00Sale Price
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