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COVID-19 Testing Solution

Widespread diagnostic testing is a key success factor to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. With EmerTher's specialty in magnetic nanobead technologies, we have developed products for effective COVID-19 diagnosis to help health care professionals combat the pandemic.  Together, we will win the fight!

High Throughput Solution for PCR Product Purification

• Completely removal of primers to avoid the interference of primers on sequencing 

• Completely removal of proteins and dNTPs 

• High recovery of PCR products (> 100 bp): 75-95%

Viral RNA/NA Extraction Solution

Extract DNA & RNA of various viruses

COVID-19,Coronavirus,Flu Virus,Norovirus,HIV,HPV,Enterovirus,SARS  Virus,Diarrhea Virus,Swine Fever Virus,HBV,  HCV......

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