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Magnetic Viral RNA Extraction Kit

EmerTher® Magnetic Viral RNA Extraction Kit is used to extract viral RNA from swab transport media, sputum, respiratory lavage fluid, serum, plasma, environmental samples, etc. 

The kits are composed of superparamagnetic nanoparticles and an efficient extraction reagent system. With unique surface modification,  the magnetic beads form strong binding with nucleic acids and also enable easy elution. Extracted nucleic acids can be used directly in the subsequent molecular diagnosis, including RT-PCR tests. 

viral  RNA  Bottle-1.png
viral  RNA  Bottle-1.png
viral  RNA  96b 02.jpg
viral  RNA  96d-3.jpg
Viral RNA_NA extraction kit-Emerther-2021-yli(1)_02的副本.png
Viral RNA_NA extraction kit-Emerther-2021-yli(1)_01.png
Experimental Procedures
Viral RNA_NA extraction kit-Emerther-2021-yli(1)_03的副本.png
Components of the Kits
Viral RNA_NA extraction kit-Emerther-2021-yli(1)_02的副本2.png
Compatible instruments
FFPE DNA extraction kit-Emerther-2021-yli_03的副本2.png
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