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Magnetic Bead Manual Separator for 96-well PCR plates

Transfer magnetic beads from 96 wells in 5 sec

The manual procedure with automatic efficiency 

Lightweight, portable, no battery required

The Magnetic Bead Separator, Esmart-M96s, was designed to simplify the process of transferring superparamagnetic beads between 96-well plates, improving nucleic acid purification and extraction efficiency when automatic extraction is not an option. The Esmart-M96s Separator effectively eliminates the traditional multiple pipetting steps required for washing and eluting biological samples. 

The Separator works by attaching a standard PCR plate over its 96 magnetic rods. The PCR plate serves as a sterile barrier (rod cover) between the magnetic beads and magnetic rods. When the separator attached with the rod cover is gently inserted into a 96-well plate containing biological samples with magnetic beads in suspension, the magnetic beads are attracted by the magnetic rods and adsorbed securely to the tips of the rod cover. This allows for easy and quick transfer of the magnetic beads bound with biologic molecules from one solution to another solution. The beads can be easily released into the new solution by simply detaching the rod cover from the Esmart-M96s Separator. The strong magnetic force of the Esmart-M96s Separator ensures effective magnetic beads adsorption with no beads loss during the sample extraction/purification process.

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Operation Procedure
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